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No one seems to be posting on this blog anymore, which is quite understandable.  A lot of folks seem to be dropping by to read it, which is also quite understandable.  Nothing written by Steve Gerber was unworthy of reading.

I am going to keep this blog online indefinitely but for a multitude of tech reasons, it’s going to be necessary to move it to a new server.  At the same time, Steve’s main page at is now full of links that go nowhere and it has some tech problems also.  So what I’m going to do is to rearrange some things, dropping out dead links and keeping to the extent possible his design and all the words he wrote and all the comments.

This may mean the blog and/or website may be offline or look odd for a few weeks but if so, it will all be back before long.

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  1. Brendan Totten Says:

    Thanks for your dedication to keeping the blog online, Mark. I do like to to drop by and look at the old entries. It would be a shame to lose a single word of his writings. Much appreciated.

  2. Michael Says:

    Another thanks for keeping this going! Oddly enough, I just thought to check in here after scrounging around the internet in hopes of finding a cheap copy of the HtD ’76 campaign button. No such luck!

  3. Roger Green Says:

    I try to check, but unlike your blog, which you update regularly, it’s harder to remember to visit here.

  4. Freddie Miller Says:

    Thank you for keeping the blog around. From time to time I swing by to read the old posts and they still affect me. Steve was that kind of writer. He has been sorely missed.

  5. Eli LaChance Says:

    Hi, I’m currently producing an independent documentary about my favorite comic book creator Steve Gerber. The director and I frequent this blog, so thank you very much for maintaining it.

    For us, this project is a labor of love and a way to ensure the memory of not only Gerber but the generation of creative men and women that his story epitomizes. With the growing popularity of material and mythology created in the Bronze Age of comics, we just wanted to pay tribute by bringing attention to one of the most important comic book authors of all time. We’re a small team with plenty of resources but little budget, any potential profit from this project will be forwarded as a charitable contribution to the Hero Initiative.

    If anyone who knew Gerber still uses this site we’d love for you to contact us at [email protected]

  6. Post-Punk Monk Says:

    I’m pleased to know that Gerber’s traces have not left the internet and that due to your diligence, they will remain. I’m an ex-comic book reader who by now has purged almost every comic book I ever bought. The only run in my collection to stave off the axe? “Howard The Duck.” It’s the only comic from my childhood that related to its readership as an adult.

  7. Beth Slick Says:

    Thanks for keeping this going. I do drop by now and again to “see” Steve… and read anything new.

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